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A Hendersonville Chiropractor with a Non-Invasive Approach

Our Mission: to provide our community with a non-invasive approach to health in order to achieve sustained wellness at a reasonable cost. We aspire to promote the natural recuperative abilities of the human body, highlighting God’s creative intelligence. Our Goals: a) to help the local community through a God-honoring clinic b) to inspire our patients to become active participants in their own well being c) to educate our patients so they can share chiropractic with others
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Our Chiropractic Philosophy

Our Chiropractic Philosophy

At Compass we take a hands on, yet non-invasive approach to wellness. Unlike mainstream health care that attempts to override your body’s innate mechanisms, we aim to work alongside the natural wisdom of the body. Compass Chiropractic is dedicated to providing the Hendersonville community with sustainable health solutions, not shortcuts. Every patient is important and receives highly individualized care. We understand that time and money are among the most important things to our patients. Therefore we make office visits efficient and budget-friendly, without sacrificing quality of care.

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Went with hip pain and hobbled walking. Adjustments are not fun but wow do I feel better now! My right leg was almost and inch short hence the hobble. Left with both legs the same length! Dr. Spring has an extensive background in physical therapy and sports medicine. I believe those qualities add to his ability to treat me. Going back next week to continue getting better. Don't wait. Go see him today. It is nice to get relief from pain!

I was very nervous about having a chiropractic adjustment. Dr Spring was amazing! He didn't rush me in and out of the office, he spent time explaining everything to me, his focus was not on the amount of time but in making me feel better not only pain wise but also in my mind to feel comfortable with my visit. i highly recommend him. i could actually walk out of the office without being in so much pain, my first words and thoughts were "i can walk!!!"

P W Client

I was so amazed at Dr. Spring’s knowledge and personal experience. The chiropractic adjustment’s were gentle yet effective. The fact that he took the time to explain everything and let me trust him and the process meant everything.

Laura Blair
Laura Blair Client
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Mike Spring

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Mike Spring

Mike Spring

Dr. Spring earned a B.S. in Athletic Training/Corporate Fitness from Grand Valley State University in 1992, then graduated from Michigan State University in 2000 with a Masters in Kinesiology. He earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Sherman College in 2015. Along with his academic accomplishment, Dr. Spring has a history of 18 plus years in Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapy. Among other qualities, he is bilingual in English and Spanish. Dr. Spring had his first chiropractic experience in 1983 while living in south Florida. Several years later, a chiropractor in Michigan ( a world cup soccer player from Egypt) “planted a seed” in him to be a chiropractor and combine my Athletic Training background with Chiropractic care. It was in 2006 that he first felt the nudge of God to help more people with manual therapy techniques. The visit to Sherman College just “felt right” and I started this new path in October of 2010 at Sherman College of Chiropractic at Spartanburg, S.C.
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