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For your convenience, we have made all of our exercise instructions available in PDF format. They can be downloaded below and are listed by bodily region.

Because there are several stretches and strengthening exercises that closely resemble one another, the doctor may have also given you reference numbers that correspond to your exercise(s). Make sure the numbers match the numbers on the picture to ensure you are performing the correct exercise.

To help keep track of your exercises and progress of reps and sets, we have created an exercise tracking chart. Download and print this form make home care exercises a breeze!

Download & Print Exercises

You can download corrective exercises by clicking on any of the links below:

Low Back, Glutes, & Pelvis
Ankle and Foot
You can also download our STRETCHING GUIDE. If you were given a reference number by the doctor, make sure the numerical label of the stretch matches before performing it.

Very knowledgeable guy! I really enjoy going to get chiropractic from Mike..I met him through a local networking group. Highly recommend!

I slipped and fell on a wet floor at a hotel in Florida. Dr. Mike did a great job in 2 visits he annualized my problem. When he adjusted my low back i heard a pop and felt immediate Improvement. If you have any kind of body pain I recommend DR, MIKE

I was initially very nervous about having a chiropractic adjustment. I decided to go after having some lower back pain and left feeling so much better! Dr. Springs spent time talking to me and explaining everything he would be doing. He even noticed things about my body that I never felt were an issue, but once he adjusted them, I felt a noticeable difference. I definitely recommend him!