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Our Services

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Spinal Adjustments
: As the spine is the framework of the body, spinal adjustments are the framework of our care. We offer full spine chiropractic services by utilizing what we believe to be the most effective techniques. We use the highest quality chiropractic tables to ensure your adjustment is as smooth and comfortable as possible.


Extremity ShoulderExtremity Care: While focusing on spinal health, we recognize and respond to the need for care of other non-spinal joints. We are particularly helpful with shoulder and hip problems, but commonly manage conditions of the elbow, wrist, and foot. Adjustments, traction, and soft tissue therapies are applied as needed.


Chiropractic back pain

Roller Massage: Many of our patients love going on our roller table.  This table provides a gentle, therapeutic spinal massage in a controlled setting. It helps reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation, adding to your overall experience.



Rehab ExercisesCorrective Exercises: We have found that the majority of conditions are either due to or result in soft tissue problems (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc). For this reason, we integrate corrective exercises into our care plans, matching the need of each individual. Exercises are performed at home, in our activity room, or both. Training videos will soon be available online for at home viewing. View, download, and print our exercise guides HERE.




 Massage Therapy: We often recommend that our patients see a massage therapist. We share an office with Bernie Miller (LMBT), of Blue Ridge Medical and Sports Massage. He is exceptionally skilled in his craft and we are confident you will have a wonderful experience. To schedule, call 828.243.3127.



ChirothinWeight Loss: Are you ready to start losing weight? Our 6-week doctor supervised weight loss program is clinically proven to get results. It requires no shakes, no pre-packaged foods, and no exercise. Please visit our weight loss page HERE. Call the office to get started!


Personal Injury

Personal Injury/Worker’s Comp: Our office accepts both personal injury and worker’s compensation cases. We understand these situations can be frustrating and will do all we can to get you back to pre-injury status as soon as possible, so you can get back to living your normal life.



Compass Chiropractic has partnered with Cyracom for language assistance. We provide language assistance services in the top 15 languages for the state of North Carolina.

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